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Lyte Master Elite in-ground linear light generates an effect. It can be used to immerse façades in light. Dark exterior areas become a thing of the past. The LED luminaire is well-designed, apparent like an object and achieves a maximum effect as a wall-washer for façade illumination

Product Model Total Power Lumen CCT Dimension LxWxH Input Voltage
lm-002-igww1nw-6w LM-002-IGWW1NW-6W 6 6 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1ww-6w LM-002-IGWW1WW-6W 6 6 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1cw-6w LM-002-IGWW1CW-6W 6 6 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1nw-9w LM-002-IGWW1NW-9W 9 9 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1ww-9w LM-002-IGWW1WW-9W 9 9 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1cw-9w LM-002-IGWW1CW-9W 9 9 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1cw-12w LM-002-IGWW1CW-12W 12 12 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1nw-12w LM-002-IGWW1NW-12W 12 12 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1ww-12w LM-002-IGWW1WW-12W 12 12 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1cw-18w LM-002-IGWW1CW-18W 18 18 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1nw-18w LM-002-IGWW1NW-18W 18 18 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1ww-18w LM-002-IGWW1WW-18W 18 18 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1cw-24w LM-002-IGWW1CW-24W 24 24 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1nw-24w LM-002-IGWW1NW-24W 24 24 W DC24V
lm-002-igww1ww-24w LM-002-IGWW1WW-24W 24 24 W DC24V