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The unique square design of the recessed adjustable 

spotlight makes the lamp better match with the 

ceiling, and can help you accurately project the light 

onto the object, highlighting a single area or object.

Product Model Total Power Lumen CCT Dimension
lm-c03-ans2tlnw-8w LM-C03-ANS2TLNW - 8W 8 8 W 514 Lm 3000 K
lm-c03-ans2tlww-8w LM-C03-ANS2TLWW - 8W 8 8 W 514 Lm 3000 K
lm-c03-ans2tlcw-8w LM-C03-ANS2TLCW - 8W 8 8 W 514 Lm 3000 K