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Lyte Master Aqua spot lights are different designs recessed spotlights with Ip ratings. The emitted light is bright, homogeneous and comfortable, the application is many. Equipped with high technology LED light source, Aqua promises consistent energy savings and a long work life span. The light source is a COB LED featured by high lumen output. Can be mounted even outdoor, thanks to its easy installation requirements. The product is compatible with all leading sensor brands with dimming options in 0-10V or DALI

Product Model Total Power Lumen CCT Dimension Cut Out
lm-022-dl65g2cw-7w LM-022-DL65G2CW - 7W 7 7 W 504 Lm 85x83 mm 75 mm
lm-022-dl65g2ww-7w LM-022-DL65G2WW-7W 7 7 W 504 Lm 85x83mm 75
lm-022-dl65g2nw-7w LM-022-DL65G2NW-7W 7 7 W 504 Lm 85x83mm 75
lm-022-dl65g2cw-11w LM-022-DL65G2CW-11W 11 11 W 800 Lm 85x83mm 75
lm-022-dl65g2ww-11w LM-022-DL65G2WW-11W 11 11 W 800 Lm 85x83mm 75
lm-022-dl65g2nw-11w LM-022-DL65G2NW-11W 11 11 W 800 Lm 85x83mm 75