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Lyte Master Solo high-quality series of 24V LED Strip lights are an effective solution for creating attractive lighting effects in residential and commercial applications. Solo are versatile and can be used to highlight, decorate and add visibility to numerous settings. It has numerous wattages and a variety of LED numbers per meter, and a plethora of aluminum channels and diffuser types for contractors and end-users to choose from depending on their specific requirements.

Product Model Total Power Lumen CCT Dimension
lm-1616-nfsww-9w LM-1616-NFSWW-9W 9 9 W 540 Lm 16x16
lm-1616-nfscw-9w LM-1616-NFSCW-9W 9 9 W 540 Lm 16x16
lm-1616-nfsnw-9w LM-1616-NFSNW-9W 9 9 W 540 Lm 16x16
lm-1616-nfsww-10w LM-1616-NFSWW-10W 10 10 W 600 Lm 16x16
lm-1616-nfscw-10w LM-1616-NFSCW-10W 10 10 W 600 Lm 16x16
lm-1616-nfsnw-10w LM-1616-NFSNW-10W 10 10 W 600 Lm 16x16