Light is something that makes everything visible to our eyes. It helps us see, understand and analyze what lies in front of us or with us. It helps you see a clear path to move forward. That is what we do at Lyte Master , provide light to the world providing a clear vision on what lies forward and to set a path forward with broader minds and better perspectives.

Lyte Master is a company that manufactures Industrial as well as Commercial LED Lights and other related components of space you manage. We create Lightings that correctly fits your space, it doesn’t matter which type. We value our environment more than anything and that is what makes us better than the others in the industry. We follow all the guidelines and prerequisites that allow us to work properly and not to harm the environment in any manner.

We are an ISO certified manufacturing company along with CE and Rohs and TUV Compliance, on the way to become UL as well as PSE certified. We are known to provide LED Lighting Solution that is Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly and also of the latest technology that is stylish too. We help you save 50-70% on your energy consumption bills

We are your one-stop Solutions for lighting for homes, hallways, classrooms, living area, gymnasiums, theatres, and more. We always deliver standard products that are sure to meet the expectations of the customers both in terms of performance and in terms of the design. Quality and innovation are those two things that we never compromise on and will never compromise on. We are the leading service provides for Interior and exterior lighting for warehouses, offices, godowns, storefronts, restaurants, and warehouses. Lyte Master means Quality and Innovation


To be the best there is in LED Lighting and also to make people understand the importance and value of LEDs so that they use them and start saving and thereby helping them secure their future by a small margin. Our main aim is to educate our customers about the best lighting options which suit their needs. We plan to continuously innovate and to create a world-leading solution for lights


To make all the darker lands into brighter ones and thereby making sure that individual follows a clear path ahead, both on-road and on life. We have set our eyes on providing the best customer service experience to all our clients. We plan to continue serving our community and render our services whenever and wherever as possible. We wish to excel ourselves in understanding our responsibilities to get more light all the while using fewer resources.